Enlightenment-Age philosopher Voltaire said: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Though written centuries before the Holocaust or the rise of modern-age Islamic Jihadism, Voltaire’s keen observation explains both. No rational person thinks the German masses of the 1930s or today’s 1.6 billion Muslims are all inherently evil, murderous people. But millions in each group bought into absurdities fed to them by propaganda machines — for the 1930’s Germans, that Jews were sub-human animals sent to Nazi "concentration" not death camps; for today’s Muslims, that Allah wants all unbelievers dead or converted.

Absurdities believed leads to atrocities

Once those absurdities were swallowed, the masses’ complicity in the atrocities the propaganda was designed to enable, at a minimum passive in nature, was assured. Such passive complicity of the masses is crucial to the commission of atrocities by dictators – they outnumber the soldiers 1000’s to one.

Hillary Clinton’s innocence was another such absurdity -- fed by a propaganda machine en masse to U.S. Liberals, which they swallowed hook, line and sinker. Privacy over Yoga and Chelsea’s wedding emails never explained the extraordinary steps Hillary took in establishing her own homebrew server or acid washing of emails; indeed, there was never any explanation for her treasonous exposure of state secrets on an unencrypted unsecured non .gov account other than the justice-obstructing destruction of evidence that would’ve exposed the massive bribe-taking criminal enterprise she and Bill Clinton ran for years under the guise of the Clinton Foundation.

As Voltaire predicted, the masses’ acceptance of her absurd explanation paved the way for atrocities. Young Nepalese women, housemaids to rich Qatar Arabs, continued to be arrested after childbirth for out-of-wedlock sex, a Sharia crime; and these birth-control deprived young women, to avoid their own arrest, continued to perform dangerous self-abortions; gays continued to be persecuted in Saudi Arabia including imprisonment and even death for coming out; the Congolese continued to be oppressed by corrupt Rwandan dictator and “friend of Bill” Paul Kagame; Morocco’s King Mohammed VI continued to enslave Sahrawi tribesmen in the Western Sahara to mine phosphates for fertilizers; and the impoverished blacks of earthquake-torn Haiti never saw the great bulk of their relief funds.

In each instance, the oppressors paid off the Clintons staggering bribes running into millions, sometimes tens of millions, of dollars; and American liberals passively accepted by non-objection the Clintons giving the bribe-paying dictators what they paid so dearly for — legitimization on the world stage by a former and presumptive next U.S.

president, thereby affording them continued freedom to commit egregious human rights' violations—a throwback to 19th century Colonialism.

Not hard to conjure up more atrocities

It remains to be seen what atrocities come from Hillary’s approval while State Secretary of the sale of U.S. uranium interests to Russia’s Rosatom, a political favor directly contrary to U.S. national security interests for which the Clintons were paid a staggering $145 million. Given the cozy relationship between Russia and Iran, Iran’s notorious dedication to terrorism, and the need for enriched uranium to manufacture an atomic bomb, it’s not hard to conjure up further atrocities, if not a second holocaust, from this mega-bribe.

This leaves us with a burning question Voltaire wasn’t good enough to answer: how is it that the masses are so easily duped into believing absurdities?