Surely not all of Hillary’s over 60 million supporters are stupid or naïve? Aside from their self-proclaimed status as the intellectual elite, this same group has vilified Trump for potential conflicts of interest due to his retention of business interests, yet that pales in comparison to the actual conflict presented by accepting millions in bribes.

Hillary Clinton lied multiple times

Besides the laughable implausibility of Hillary’s privacy explanation for the extraordinary illegal measures she took) she has a 40-year public record of unrepentant lying: she lied about her Whitewater future’s trades, she lied about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire, she lied about a YouTube video having set-off the attack upon the U.S.

embassy in Benghazi, she lied about having wiped her server clean, she lied about having turned over all her work-related emails and she lied about not having sent or received classified information, to highlight just a few.

So, how did a congenital liar, to borrow William Safire’s two-decade old description of Hillary Clinton manage to dupe 60 million people -- the intellectual elite no less -- into believing the absurd notions that there was never a quid pro quo and that she was only trying to keep Yoga and Chelsea’s wedding emails private?

Human beings have an enormous capacity, even a penchant, for self-delusion – what author Margaret Heffernan, ironically a Hillary consultant, described as “willful blindness,” in her book by the same name.

Or as the great American author Mark Twain simply put it, “denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.”Does human capacity for self-delusion have its limits?

Thanks to Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, Larry Klayman’s Judicial Watch and Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, we now know the answer: no.

Sure, there were a handful of Hillary supporters who were turned by the bright light shone on her corruption; but in the main, they remained steadfast, latching on to ever more slender reeds to support their self-delusion including that anyone bothered by Hillary's crimes was just another misogynist or that Hillary never actually altered U.S.

policy in response to receiving bribes, she only offered “access” – a misdemeanor, not a felony, in their minds. Faced with the overwhelming evidence published by Assange and his brethren Hillary should've garnered not a single vote, let alone over 60 million.

In pursuit of a utopian ideal

Somewhere in the deepest recesses of their subcortex, I suspect the Hillary voters knew she had taken bribes, destroyed the evidence and then lied about it all.

But they didn’t care – voting for her nevertheless represented their own pursuit of a Utopian ideal.

Profound hypocrisy

That said, I equally suspect that had Hillary’s supporters truly come to grips with their own complicity in the atrocities that inevitably followed from their supporting Hillary, they would’ve abandoned her. If the same crowd that champions the Black Lives Matter movement, and women’s and LBGT rights, understood the profound hypocrisy they were signing onto – that voting for Hillary condemned blacks, women and gays the world over to further oppression – they would've changed their view.

The Clintons’ crimes were far from victimless. That’s why their continued investigation, prosecution, and incarceration is so important; it’s the only way to underscore to the masses that in which they had become complicit, and thereby break the destructive cycle Voltaire discerned.