The recent inquiry regarding child sex abuse has been engulfed by yet another round of controversy, which has appalled the victims and enraged their families as well. This chaotic situation started when Professor Alexis Jay, the chairman of the inquiry board revealed her review, in which she disclosed the factors contributing to the slow progress of the investigation. But for now, that is not the only thing that has bothered the victims.

Interviewing the paedophiles for an in-depth research:

Not only has Prof Jay been accused of slowing down the victims during the public evidence sessions, but she has also added an extra dimension of having exclusive interviews with the convicted paedophiles which, according to her, will reveal how the exploitation networking takes place, and also how it has been sustaining itself.

This has left the victims as well as their families in an infuriated state because they feel that it is going to produce no result apart from wasting a lot of time and money -- since these convicted criminals are more liable to lie their way out.

Some other opinions:

According to the founder of the White Flowers Alba group comprising of the abused victims in the Catholic Church, it is a very demeaning decision that makes the victims feel like a bunch of lab rats, waiting to be experimented on in a trial and error method. Not only that, she demands a more sensible treatment so that the victims can be looked upon as humans and not just some research material. In spite of these adverse reactions, the IISCA is firm about the justification of the issue.

They say that these interviews will complete the dearth of information in the report and give intricate knowledge about the issue. There is also a tinge of controversy regarding the allegations of the late Lord Janner, who has never been convicted, and Professor Jay is expecting IICSA to look into that matter.

In a nutshell, this new added controversial dimension is still suspended by an issue of ethical approval, and the final verdict is still being reconsidered.