Amazingly enough, climate change deniers often begin by saying “I’m not a scientist, but…” Why don't they say “so, I’m not a woman but I understand unwanted pregnancy”? Or, “I’ve never served in the military but I’m very good at war and know more than the generals” [President-Elect Trump]? And, why not “I’m not a computer scientist or a hacker, but I know Russia hasn’t hacked the U.S. election”? Or, “I’m not a surgeon but I’ll do that heart bypass for you in my basement”? Why limit ignorance as proof to the climate? Or, "Basically Jesus said be nice to other people"?.

Biblical conflicts and contradictions

But the least credible of all deniers are those who say the earth is only 6 thousand years old (their privilege), and "The Bible is always the Word of God," yet they ignore the biblical evidence of human beings causing drastic, short-term changes in the Earth’s climate. Did they miss that part, or are they ignoring it? There’s lots of publicity from movies to many children’s books about the big climate change event in The Bible and that humans triggered it!

Although most people, even the most fundamentalist Jews and Christians, tend to ignore much of Leviticus because few would live past 16 if you followed it exactly. Someone would see you doing something prohibited in Leviticus and, next thing you know, there you’d be, bloody at the bottom of a pile of stones.

Many religious people who are anxious to tell others how to live also tend to ignore the obvious answer to “What would Jesus do?” which, according to most theologians who study The New Testament, would nearly always be “Be nice to everyone ("do unto others"); and mind your own business ("cast the first stone").


In case you missed serious Bible study and only remember Sunday School, here is a reminder of death penalty offenses mentioned in Leviticus.

Leviticus 9:10 Eating oysters or lobsters is an abomination [to God].

Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material. Leviticus 19:19

“Ye shall not round the corners of your heads.” Leviticus 19:27 ?????

And a favorite, Leviticus 23:3, which mandates death for doing any labor on the Sabbath. That would appear to include women's work such as cooking: doctor’s work saving lives; ministers preaching; and firemen, police, paramedics, pro football teams, paper boys etc.

doing their jobs. 24:16 prescribes death by stoning for blasphemy (swearing, cursing, saying “Oh my God! Over and over, etc. and possibly for thanking God for helping one sports team beat another, presumably less faithful, team, or win a car race).

Leviticus also says any offense against God is punishable by death.

But what about Noah?

But while virtually no one, no matter how much they believe in The Bible, attempts to follow all of Leviticus (just the parts which punish other people), the Book of Genesis is widely accepted by most Christians.”

Unfortunately, the same people who believe with all their hearts and minds that God created the Earth and the Universe in seven days also say it is impossible for human beings to affect the Earth’s climate.

The problem with that position is that it directly contradicts Genesis.

Are you curious why I say that?

Genesis 6:5 is clear on a drastic climate change event. Most, perhaps all, Biblical scholars agree that Genesis states that God caused the Great Flood to either punish or simply eliminate the vast majority of humans (and innocent animals) for their wickedness and because they “thought about evil all the time.” There is also some confusing discussion of who was marrying whom but the main reason seems to be because man was wicked.

In other words, a catastrophic climate change event took place in just over a month because of human actions.

I take no stand on whether The Food actually happened world wide, was a local event, or what the physical cause was - after all, many believe god can use natural events such as tsunamis or asteroid strikes.