While Americans are so concerned about terrorists attacking and killing Americans that they give up privacy, the same people seem almost uninterested in police executions and it is becoming more and more difficult for law-abiding Americans to know how to protect themselves FROM Police. Police and some other people would object to my use of the word “execute” but it seems appropriate when seven armed policemen murder a 73-year-old man (7 shots were fired) for calmly walking toward them with his hands in his pockets. In most States you will be executed for killing a policeman even if he was shooting at you by mistake.

How Francisco Serna was armed

After the killing police searched Mr. Serna’s body - the most dangerous thing he had was a small wooden cross (crucifix) which the police hadn't even seen. His family says Mr. Serna was showing early signs of dementia and they had reported that. What if he was just hard of hearing, or didn’t speak English? Are any of those sufficient reason to be executed? There were 7 armed police present when one of them shot Mr. Serna after he had made NO threatening gestures.

Police vs civilians it started with SWAT and the war on drugs

In the 60’s and 70’s police in the U.S. were routinely armed with a radio, a nightstick, and a revolver. But starting with the “War on Drugs” police departments began requesting surplus military equipment because drug kingpins (which have never been arrested within the U.S.

borders) could be heavily armed, as they are in South and Central Americas.

Most of drug arrests involve non-violent, often unarmed black men and women, but the Federal Government OK’d military training and armament of local police SWAT teams so instead of being trained to serve the public and occasionally arrest criminals, U.S.

police are now routinely trained to kill using military assault tactics while armed heavily enough to take on an Army rifle squad.

Posse Comitatus

The Posse Comitatus law (18 U.S. C. 1385, signed June 18, 1878 by President Hayes) prohibited the military from taking part in domestic law enforcement (essentially without declaration of martial law) because it was seen as dangerous to have people trained to kill dealing with civilians.

Unfortunately one of the Executive orders unlikely to be overturned on “day one” by P.E. Trump was E.O. 13528 signed by President Obama Jan. 11, 2010, which greatly weakened Posse Comitatus.

How to protect yourself

In Britain it is much safer to walk out of your residence unarmed and wearing a jacket because police (PCs) are seldom armed. If you come to the U.S., all I can suggest as a 30-year emergency management coordinator who worked to enhance public safety for decades, is to stay in crowds, stand perfectly still when you see a policeman, try to obey his orders and, above all, buy and wear a bulletproof or tactical vest, Amazon sells them.

You should NOT run away even with your hands empty and your side because, as the Walter Scott case in South Carolina showed.

He was shot in the back 7 times as he ran away from a policeman who told the jury at his trial that he was in fear for his life from this middle-aged black civilian who was 30 or more feet away and running away from the officer probably in fear for his life.

You can’t even look to the courts for vindication after you are shot because policemen are almost invariably acquitted of any criminal charges in these executions. In the Scott case the first trial ended in a mistrial despite the jury seeing a video of Mr. Scott being shot in the back as he ran away empty handed. Mr. Scott had been stopped for a broken tail light on the car he was driving.

U.S. civil rights complaints

Politicians and the media are upset with the current President of the Philippines for admittedly shooting suspects rather than taking them to trial.

In Bakersfield the 7 officers are on leave (paid vacation.)

Can you say hypocrites?

(Disclaimer: I'm nearly 70 and can't stand without two crutches, I asked Santa for a flack jacket.)