Following on from my previous article, Love Island: This summer it's survival of the patriarchy', former Miss GB, Zara Holland, has stated that she will never compete in another Beauty pageant again. Whilst on the popular reality television Show, Holland was a fierce advocate of such competitions. However, after her title was taken off of her for having sex with fellow Love Island contest, Alex Bowen, her views are now very different. The current definition of what it means to be a female role model, according to Holland, needs to beseriously updated.

Kate Solomons, the National director of Miss Great Britain disagrees, arguing that the organisation is not against sex but, by doing so in a public domain, Holland broke the rules she agreed to prior to the show so as not to bring the competition into disrepute.

Beauty Pageant hypocrisy

Whilst rules vary from pageant to pageant, the basic principle remains the same. It seems that it is okay for women to be judged on their appearance and sex appeal, however, when a woman actually has sex it is deemed as wrong. The message that is delivered through these pageants is that, in order to be attractive and a role model, you have to conform to certain standards. Holland is not the first who has been punished for her actions.

Back in 2002, Miss North Carolina, Rebekha Revels, also lost her crown when the organisation found out her boyfriend had taken naked pictures of her. Similarly, Tara Conner who was Miss USA back in 2006, lost her crown for partying and having sex. How living a 21st century life and doing what you want with your body brings the competitions into disrepute is certainly questionable.

It seems that it is only acceptable for a woman to embrace her sexuality when she is being judged and pitted against other women.

'It all seems very outdated'

At the end of the day, these pageants seem to promote one thing and that is to be a role model as a women, you have to be attractive. It all seems very outdated in a world which in other ways is promoting equality and strong female role models.

As women, we do not owe attractiveness to anyone and we certainly should not be degraded for doing what we want with our bodies. Being a role model should not mean simply looking good in a bikini. It seems that there are many others who think as I do, with 20,742 people signing a petition to reinstate Holland with her title.