On the evening of Tuesday 19th, an apparent 'water fight', that was taking place near the Serpentine Lake, turned hostile. As London Metropolitan Police monitored around 4,000 people taking part, a minority of those involved turned violent towards them. A police officer was stabbed in the event and 4 others were left injured. Police who are investigating the stabbings have released photos of 5 suspects who they wish to identify.

Fun turned violent

After gathering for a spontaneous water fight in the park, it has been reported that around 300 to 400 of those involved began throwing bottles at the police.

The group were driven back to Marble Arch where around 500 remained, continuing to throw bottles at the police and chanting 'Black Lives Matter'. A group of youths then went on to storm Marble Arch McDonald's, leaping over the counter and clearing it of food.

The event was arranged on Instagram and had attracted thousands of people to Hyde Park on the hottest day of the year. As police moved in to disperse the crowds and get groups to turn down their music, things turned violent. At around 7:30, youths began shouting 'f**k the police' and 'Black Lives Matter'. Those at the scene have stated that it was never the intention of the crowds for a protest to break out.

It took until around 3am for police to clear the surrounding areas and investigations and being made into the violence.

So far no arrests have been made.

Where has this come from?

Such protests, here in the UK, seem to have been sparked by the recent death of Mzee Mohammad, a black teenager who died after being restrained by police officers in a Liverpool shopping centre. After this event around 300 people took part in a 'Black Lives Matter' demonstration in the centre of Liverpool.

Following Mzee Mohammad's deaht, Black Lives Matter sent out a statement of solidarity to activists in the UK. A further demonstration was then held in London the following day. In the centre of the capital main roads were closed off as people came together to march through the streets, demanding answers for the death of the teenager.