As India the land of festivals and celebrations celebrates its 67th Republic day on 26th January 2016, let us have a look at Bollywood’s patriotic best. The list includes movies of everyone ranging from superstar Shahrukh Khan to Macho man Sunny Deol to the Greek God of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan.

  1. Swades – This was probably the first time everyone saw Shahrukh Khan in a completely different avatar, a foreign return NRI who has lost emotional connect with his home ground rediscovers his roots and creates a difference in the lives of people around him. A must watch indeed.
  2. Rang De Basanti – While the cast is having a reunion celebrating ten years of this epic movie, it also happens to be one of the best youth centric patriotic movies. The movie not only changed minds but also provoked citizens to act against wrongdoings instead of adopting silence as a weapon.
  3. Border – With a huge star cast and a long run time of 178 minutes, Border created hysteria with its depiction of emotional journey of soldiers on the India Pakistan border. This movie showed every individual the bitter truth that every soldier has a family waiting for him whom he leave behind with a promise of returning but sometimes he doesn’t return at all. A truly emotional movie and a must watch on the occasion of Indian republic day.
  4. Lakshya – Hrithik Roshan’s soldier persona not only won millions of hearts and found a new female fan following but his struggle to become the best soldier when it was not even his dream. This movie touches upon the youth’s struggle to find a passion to the core.
  5. Mary Kom – No one could have played Mary Kom better than Priyanka Chopra. In a field ruled by men, Mary Kom is an inspiring story of an Indian female boxer who reaches the heights of boxing arena. Her struggle is inspiring and her win over her struggles is the classic reason why no one should give up and always try to do something for the nation.

These movies indeed are high on the patriotism quotient and a must watch on this special occasion, we wish all Indian citizens a very Happy Republic Day.