Three political leaders take a bow as they face the worst results at the general election, whilst the Conservatives take a lead as their former coalition partner took the knives to the heart.

Cameron is now likely sitting back with a smirk, the hours passed and all of his main competitors have now fallen. As the results rolled out, The Labour Party, The Liberal Democrats and the UK Independence Party stood down, sadly many of us are left unrepresented and this means one thing, is the debate for Proportional Representation likely to become a big issue?

As a Labour supporter, who changed his voting pattern for the 1st time because of total disbelief and trust in the now former leader, I was sad but delighted that the new Prime Minister wasn't Ed. Ed wasn't Prime Minister material. He was just boring and uninspiring even if he can seem cool after a night of banter with comedian Russell Brand.

The election nevertheless shows one thing, comfort or apathy or just simple disillusionment in the system.

I think it would be disillusionment. There really wasn't anything on offer at the elections, looking at the number of Facebook and Twitter posts left the impression of confusion, look at the televised debates, the leaders of the main parties lacked the connection to the 'people' whilst the other parties gave plenty of reason for support just, the people doubt they can get to 10 Downing Street.

That said both UKIP and the Greens drew good support.

The victims are these parties on the fringe, they suffer from the current electoral system and simply do not have a chance to form government so we are stuck with the Tories or Labour, the Liberals aren't worth a thought.

At the end of the day, the people have had their moment to express their feelings and make that democratic choice what is next though is the need for us and those we elect to have a think about the minority voters and the increase of support from the people, isn't it about time to take advantage of technology and knowledge, looking beyond 'party' politics and fix the country, to empower the people, building a new Britain, where the Greens, SNP just as much as those UKIP types are heard whether they are represented in Parliament or not, a reformed modern Parliament, which enables not only elected representatives to be engaged in making Britain stronger but a Parliament of the People?

The Brits need to move on from the status quo, we need to work with regional partners and new international partners and no longer slave away for anything that isn't to our benefit. We are part of the European Union and we need to be, we need to start to also look east more than just west.

We shouldn't just be a brand image for clothes in Asia but our ideals should play into the hearts of those seeking better from their own governments in the likes of Korea, China and beyond, we have so much to offer, let us offer it!

Yes, the new Parliament has percentages and seats but let us get beyond the numbers and have a cross party government that works together and no longer against each other, let the opposition be just a much a friend as enemy.

Let the election pave the way for a real 'United' Kingdom, not a disunited one!

So Mr Cameron, you have done a lot of great things so far but how much more can you do? Surprise us and keep to your words, you clearly impressed many so far!

"My aim remains simple - to govern on the basis of governing for everyone in our United Kingdom," The re-elected Prime Minister, Mr Cameron.