Waking up this morning, it's clear there's a lot of disappointment around the United Kingdom today. From glum faces on the train, to disgruntled Tweets and raging Facebook statuses.

But you know, politics isn't really about putting a cross in a box every few years (although sometimes it feels that way).

Instead, I believe that politics is about the decisions we make each and every day; it's about our shared culture; and most of all it is about proving what is really important to us as a nation. And you don't have to wait until Election Day to do this.

Over the past few days, we've seen that British people do care. They care passionately. And young people are getting really engaged too. There's actually encouraging signs for the years ahead.

So, does Britain in 2015 anger you? Then you CAN still change things. Mix it up a little bit.

- If you care about crime or education, then become a mentor.

- If you care about food waste, then stop shopping at the big supermarkets and go to your local market instead.

- If the traffic pisses you off, then buy a bike.

- If you care about animal welfare, then become a vegetarian.

- If you care about long hours and working conditions then join a trade union.

- If you care about the environment, then stop buying takeaway coffees (the cups all go into landfill!).

- If the arts are important to you, start making things & writing stuff.

- If you care about business, then become an entrepreneur and make something happen.

- If the cost of football pisses you off, then start supporting your local non-league team. (Try Clapton FC in Forest Gate, East London!)

- And if you care about what happens to the Labour party, or indeed any particular political party then it's important to play your part.

Don't just sit there on social media. I don't believe this is the best way to shape the world around us.

Instead, try joining your political party of voice and get your voice heard. Most of all, do something that you truly believe in each and every day. 

This is the true path to being a democratic citizen.