What is behind the Gay Blood ban? Recent discussion around the donation of blood from Gay men, made me wonder how is HIV/AIDS generally transmitted.

A report pulled together by The World Health Organization for Europe identified the following transmission statistics: 54.7% through heterosexual contact, 40.6% through sex between men, 3.5% through injecting drug use, 0.9% through mother-to-child transmission.

Ok, so the transmission rate puts all of us on the same footing - beyond sexual orientation.

The report found that the majority (67%) of new HIV cases were male which suggests somewhere the concept of safe sex isn't being expressed well enough?

It stated that by the end of 2011, the 'cumulative number of reported mother-to-child transmission cases was 297, including 21 in 2011'. This says that Gays are simply not a reason to object to donations from Gay men.

The ECJ declared that a lifetime ban 'may be justified' but in certain cases, where it was established there was a risk of contraction of infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis; this was based around research that suggested between 2003-2008 almost all HIV infections involved sexual relations, and almost half of those in same sex sexual encounters, the rate of infection is argued to be 200 times greater than that of heterosexuals allegedly.

France is reported to have higher rates of HIV cases, so what is France doing wrong?

Who are the most vulnerable to getting HIV/AIDS in France and why are equally populated areas in Europe, ie. Germany and United Kingdom looking as stronger authorities on taking the issue seriously whilst countries like Portugal and numerous eastern European countries failing - makes you wonder?

But, I wonder if we are looking at the issue from the right direction?

Are we even looking at sex the right way or simply understanding people's indulgence as simply sinful, thereby actually inspiring more trouble and complications? Ignoring the realities of life, plastering 'illegal' and avoiding confronting issues, avoiding the unknown lifestyles that don't fit into our 'cultural box' (which is often religious tones which were made for eras of ages ago).

For example, prostitution is often shunned around the world but it is also a major industry, if legalized across the world not only would it generate money for the pockets of the tax office but surely it would create standardized service to meet those needs of men and women, whilst protecting those doing the work.

Ironically the people in power are often found to take good advantage of such services. Even Kings enjoyed services but wait.. they don't think to monitor it the way they monitor kitchen services, staff in office work spaces, hospital cleanliness let alone every public and private agency where we have masses of paperwork to double check, to review, to check and hit another checklist..

shocking that!

Though I personally would not want such services but if people want those services, who am I to judge?

My only issue is that the person giving those services, they are happy to give those services but a glance at any dating app (many people want to give, without a price!).

Sex is a big thing, as is health.. we should enjoy, we should experiment but we should know the risks! Whether we live in a rich or poor country shouldn't be an issue - health care should be the same for everyone and the world has enough money and knowledge to let it be, stop fighting wars, put religion on the right level and move on!