Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, introduced their third-born child to the world two days ago, and since he has yet to be named, bookies around the UK have been accepting bets on what the name will be. All of their top choices are very traditional and very royal British names. At the moment, the top bets are on the name being either Arthur, James, Philip, and Albert.

What naming formulas have Will and Kate followed in the past?

The Royal Family tend to stick to the same handful of names. Will and Kate stuck to that tradition with their first-born child, George.

There have been a ton of royals named George, including a large portion of the kings. But then with their second-born child, their first daughter, they went with an unusual choice: Charlotte. You don’t get an awful lot of royal family members named Charlotte, so that broke the mould a little.

So, who knows what they’ll do with this new baby? They could stick with their traditional royal names or introduce a new one. This child, being their third, has very little chance of becoming king, so his name is less important than, say, George’s was, so maybe they will go with another wildcard name. It’s really up in the air at the moment. With no announcements made, it’s entirely possible that they haven’t fully decided themselves which route they will take in naming the child.