Darren Osborne has been identified as the 47-year-old man suspected by police of driving through a crowd of Muslims outside a mosque in Finsbury Park in an anti-Islamic Terrorist Attack. Here’s what you need to know about him. He’s a father of four and has been described as “complex” and “troubled,” as well as having a tendency to drink too much.

Osborne’s mother: he is ‘no terrorist’

According to Osborne’s mother, he is “no terrorist” (except for the fact he carried out a terrorist attack). He has been apparently been expressing anti-Muslim views increasingly since the ISIS attack on London Bridge.

This is in contrast with what his mother said, that he has “never shown any hatred towards Muslims.” She said she “screamed” upon recognising him on the news.

Osborne’s sister has said that her brother is not a political man. She said that Osborne “wouldn’t even know who the Prime Minister is” and that she has “never heard him say anything about Muslims or anything racist.” However, he apparently racially insulted him Asian neighbour’s 12-year-old son after this month’s ISIS attack.

After the attack, when witnesses had him pinned down, Osborne was sweating and desperately yelling, “Kill me!” but when the police arrived and took him away, Osborne smiled and blew kisses at them to taunt them. His neighbours have described him as “shouty” and “aggressive.”