US secret services relaxed cannabis policy. CNN reported on June, 5th. that an applicant is not disqualified because in the past he used the drug, following a more composite "whole-person concept". Nevertheless, it must be considered the last time he took cannabis before the application. The new director of the US secret services Randolph Alles began the new strategy since last month because too many people were discarded for this reason.

Today society

The new policy recognises that marijuana is "more prevalent" in today society. The data of consuming have been increasing all over the world.

In various US states, the drug is legalised and in others (such as New York) there are proposals to do it. In the UK too, Lib Dems proposed to legalise weed.

Also in the European Union, the legalisation has become a political theme, such as during the presidential vote in France or with a new law proposal in Italy that will allow its use for therapeutic reasons (as in the UK have been).

Smuggling funds Islamist extremist

In addition to the use (at this point common among the young people), another motive to legalise it, is to fight the smuggling that nowadays is managed by mafias and terrorist organisations.

Already in 2007, according to a joint investigation by Spanish and French intelligence, the selling of hashish funded Islamist extremists, which were linked to some terror attacks.

The decision of the US secret service seems to push in the direction of decriminalisation, primarily to battle hidden organisations.

Medical exam

However, the effects of cannabis could not be only healthy. According to WHO, it impairs cognitive development and, more attention-grabbing, it impairs psychomotor performance. Some consequences concern only chronic users, such as a greater impairment which could influence daily life functions.

It is clear that during the selection to be hired in the secret services there is a difference between casual consuming and addiction.

Also, the person selected has to pass a Medical Exam and a psychological examination. Even so, even if the policy is less strict on past consumption, it is still not to be ignored in the application process.

This is due to the fact that after a training program, the new recruit will proceed to the protective or investigative division, where they will be given important tasks and responsibilities. However, a taboo is broken. It is a sign that also one of the most strict divisions of US country has to face the reality.