There is something simultaneously terrific and terrifying about influential Games getting re-mastered. On one hand it is excellent to play with improved graphics and new content on newer consoles. On the other, one has to worry if the games will stand the test of time. Luckily BioShock: The Collection packs the elusive one-two-punch not seen in other re-mastered games this year.

Intense gaming experience

Plunging back into BioShock is truly as satisfying a return as it is impressive. The graphics for both BioShock and BioShock 2 have received the greatest reboot of the three games, creating the hyper-realistic world Rapture needs to be and easily competes with the most visually impressive games of recent times.

Unfortunately BioShock Infinitedoes not receive a huge amount of visual upgrade, although textures appear smoother and frame rates are faster.

Gameplay and controls remain the same, with the addition of director’s commentary videos, “Imagining BioShock.” Players uncover film reels, watching Creative Director Ken Levine and Animation Director Shawn Robertson discuss BioShock from concept to completion. It is a must see addition for all fans and creates a real reason to re-explore the game’s nooks and crannies. The lack of similar content or multiplayer modes in BioShock 2 or Infiniteis disappointingbut the welcome addition of DLCs Minerva’s Den and the epic Burial at Sea make it well worth investing in the package.


That is not to say that the Collection comes without some issues, especially on PC versions. Players will likely encounter some bugs throughout the games, includingsome texture loading issuesand occasional freezing issues causing players to lose progress. 2K have rolled out a patch to fix this, however a similar patch for the console games hasyet to be announced.

After a decade, BioShock still remains one of the most hauntingly emotive and intelligent game series out there. The additional content is intriguing and the inclusion of the DLCs is a welcome bonus, making BioShock: The Collection easily the best way for new players to experience the series in its shiniest form. While not adding a huge amount for seasoned players, it will definitely not disappoint those diving back into the doomed depths of Rapture for another taste of Adam.