For the 71% of Italian, contingencies are not only annoying mishaps, but also new possibilities. By the lack of an ingredient in the kitchen to the delay of the train, according to a survey these unexpected for many represent a positive turning point or an opportunity to stimulate creativity. 45% of women, the unexpected strengthening their capacity to solve unexpected situations, while 41% do not all evils are never to harm. It is what emerges from a study by Buitoni, carried out with methodology WOA (Web Opinion Analysis) of about 1,400 Italian between 18 and 65 years, through an online monitoring on major social networks, blogs, forums and dedicated community.

The study

"Women have a spirit of self-denial and cognitive flexibility that allows them to deal with unexpected events and difficulties in a more functional state of mind for problem solving", explains the psychiatrist Michael Cucchi, medical director of the Medical center Santagostino Milan. They are also more tolerant to accept eventualities and risks. On the contrary, man is competitive and testosterone; the woman turns in unexpected opportunities by way of support and relationship network. In women then - he adds - comes in resilience, which allows to deal with a problem even when you take over stress and discomfort: allows you to absorb the impact energy of unexpected eventuality, turning it into an opportunity for change, growth, evolution.

Also useful emotional intelligence which, as a sixth sense, leads us to transform an unexpected opportunity in integrating emotion and reason with the neurochemical mechanism of the somatic marker: a kind of guide, which moves us in a direction rather than a other ".

For 4 out of 10 women contingencies were born in the kitchen, as well as 35% of women it was possible to know a friend or the man of her life on hold during a tail.

For 3 Italian on 10 was a delay of public transport or a missed train to open new opportunities (29%), while for 21% it was a machine failure or bike to have brought new knowledge intriguing. The benefits that are born from unexpected covered all areas of daily life as romantic relationships, friendships and employment opportunities.

To demonstrate the ability of women in facing and take advantage of unexpected situations, under pressure, a study was conducted by the University of Glasgow and the University of Hertfordshire, published in "BMC Psychology". Research has shown that women are quicker and ready to move from one activity to another proving to be even more brilliant when they are under pressure.