South African residents take the concept of a "braai", or barbecue, very seriously. Most South Africans braai at least once every weekend. It is all about spending time with loved ones and just enjoying the South African sun.

Your typical South African braai would consist of the following foods. The main element of food, the meat, usually prepared by the men, and the side dishes, usually prepared by the women.

A traditional South African braai is famous for its variety of meat. On a South African braai grid, you will find many different meat, such as lamb chops, wors, steak and kebabs.

These meat are barbecued to perfection on the flames at just the right temperature.

A very delicious and easy element to a braai is braai sandwiches. Butter two slices of bread and cut tomato slices and place them on the bread, Add a few rings of onion, salt and pepper and top it off by sprinkling a fair amount of grated cheese over it. Place the other buttered slice of bread on top. Depending on the amount of guests you are entertaining, make sure that you make enough!

Salads are a wonderful compliment to a braai. A very tasty salad is the Potato Salad. Place a fair amount of potatoes in a pot and biol them until soft. Peel and slice them into pieces (about the size of a table spoon.) Add one onion, finely cut and one or two hard boiled eggs, also cut to pieces.

Add salt and pepper to taste. Next, add mayonnaise, make sure that you add a good amount. You can even add a dollop of condensed milk to give the salad a sweet flavor. 

Another must for a traditional South African braai is Pap and Sheba. Put one to two cups of maize flour porridge in a pot. Add a pinch of salt. Add water, not too much, as the porridge must have a crumbled consistency.

Beat the porridge with a fork to create a lump like texture. To make the Sheba, cut a few tomatoes and one onion and place it in a pot with a few drops of sunflower oil. Add salt and pepper to taste. Bring the tomato mix to the biol and let the mix biol until it has a saucy consistency. When dishing up the Pap, add the Sheba on top as a tasty sauce.

All these dishes combined is the taste of South Africa. As the famous South African saying goes, "Ons gaan nou braai!"