It often feels like the world is crashing at your feet, but you have to get up and make the most of a bad situation. Here are some tips on how to keep your head high, even though you feel like your neck is breaking from the strain.

Find something small and positive to hold onto. A flower in the garden or a bird singing in the early morning sun can help bring a calmness over you for the long day that lies before you. A positive quote stuck to your refrigerator door can also help to lift a heavy mood.

Find a few minutes each day to sit in a quiet corner.

Close your eyes and try to identify at least three different sounds around you. Listening for things around you gives a sense of pushing your own bothers aside to listen to something else than the goings on inside your head.

Write down what bothers you. People often rather keep their problems and emotions tucked away inside their minds. If you choose to rather not bother anyone else with your problems, write it in a diary. To see your emotions fill a page creates a soothing comfort. It might even help you make better sense of it and come up with a solution to whatever bothers you.

Spend some time outdoors. Fresh air clears the cobwebs that tend to cover our thoughts. Take of your shoes and walk a few steps on the green grass.

Feel the sensations as the grass tickles your toes. The mind wanders away from what bothers you to concentrate on the tickling under your feet.

Find a hobby to take your mind away from the real world. It may be a book, a new TV series, scrap booking or making some extra money online. Anything that you like, that makes you feel as if you are doing something just for the sake of yourself, makes one feel better about oneself.

The world may be a cruel place most of the time, it is the way we handle that cruelty that makes us who we are. If you let the world get you down, it will, but if you wander from it for just a few minutes, it may seem a whole lot better when you keep your head high, even though your neck is breaking under the pressure.