Many adults have seen the changes that took place in the technology such as the landing of men at the moon, the medical advances and the dependency of internet. Now seniors can also benefit in the way that the technology is changing especially in the way that it improves their lives. Technology helps seniors to keep in touch, to live a safe and a healthier life while it reduces the stress of the caregivers. 
Seniors can keep in touch with their loved ones who are far through social media and video chat. Even if technology cannot replace the face to face human interaction, the use of social media, video chats and emails had supplemented the interaction of the seniors with the family or friends when frequent visits are not possible.  The local senior centers provide the classes to teach seniors how to use these latest devices. 
As many old people choose to continue to live in their homes instead of going to senior centers. A number of the technology solution can improve their safety at home. When a senior lives alone, he should have a PERS or a Personal Emergency Response system. With this device, a senior can call for the help by using only a single push. Families and seniors can have peace of mind knowing that a senior can call for help whenever there is a problem. Seniors who suffer dementias or Alzheimer’s may use GPS tracking device and the caregiver will be aware always where the senior is. 
Assisted living community and nursing homes have Nintendo Wi-Fi sports games which help the seniors to exercise.  Seniors who are at home can also own videos games that can help them to move around.  The games offer the opportunity to the seniors to be able to engage into light activities.  
Smartphones have the applications that can help the seniors to avoid medication errors.  The technology can be used to help the senior to know the time to take the medicine and when it is time to refill the medication. The senior also can easily keep his health records and there is no need to try to remember everything.