Food hygiene ratings explained

Eating out at a restaurant is one of the many popular activities that people in a group or alone do whether it's a family event or with friends. But picking the right restaurant is absolute key to having that all important successful night out especially with the right company in mind. However many are unsure on how to tell whether a restaurant is good or not despite the vast amount of reviews you can view online on sites like travigo. Though be wary as nearly 1% of views are actually fake as they have been written by people who are getting paid by another company to right that all important review.

But if you're wanting to check out the restaurant in person before booking you can always see physical tell tale signs of a good company.

What to look for?

  • Do they have a Food hygiene rating on their windows or somewhere visible
  • Are the staff active in checking that everything is okay with the customer during the meal
  • Is the service relatively busy and active
  • How many people are actually in the restaurant
  • Is the place well kept and clean throughout service
  • Are the staff dressed suitably for work and not a night out
  • Do they have any certificates on show or awards
  • Are people happy in the environment?
  • The restaurant has a hygiene rating of 4 or 5 which means it is up to a high standard

These are just a few pointers in what to look for when looking to a book a table somewhere where you haven't been before.

This is because it can be challenging to find the right restaurant especially if you have guests who are either fussy eaters or have to have somewhere that meets their dietry requirements.

To explain the numbers on the food hygiene rating image restaurants are rated on a scale of 0 - 5. Zero meaning it is at risk of closure whereas 5 shows that it is a high end restaurant and there are no problems with the food or hygiene standards.

The safest and cleanest restaurants which should be booked should ideally be rated 4 or 5 for their hygiene standards. But if this is not possible you can book a restaurant rating three for food hygiene standards as they can be safe to eat at also and are simply undergoing improvements.