Safety pins

Since the winning of the US election by the well known Donald Trump, it has recently caused a stir in people wearing safety pins. This is because the safety pin shows solidarity and equality between all people. Not just white people. By wearing this pin you are typically showing that you want America to be diverse and are concerned about what happens to people since Trumps release of what he intends to do in regards to his sexist comments towards women and people of color. The pin is believed to have been chosen as the symbol as it is one of the most used everyday objects for keeping things together.

Not singling out people or making harsh accusations as Trump had done towards the Obama Family. However; choices are already being made for the 2020 elections in America despite Trumps win Michelle Obama was the top choice for president in four years time.

But what happens now

As for the current new president of the USA, it is yet to be seen if he can be the right president for America. With Trump's plans to build a wall, ban people of color and the potential to have Clinton locked up it has caused the citizens of the USA to feel uneasy as many feel that Trump is unfit for office. This is mostly due to his plans and the accusations made towards him of which however were claimed to be false and nothing more was said - yet when Clinton was accused of being corrupt and various accusations the FBI was involved.

But there is change coming. IUt is yet to be seen with the new president and there is hope that these so called plans for walls and banning of legal US citizens will not happen due to immigration laws that are in place to protect people.

It's believed that Trump could 'Make America great again' which has been the most used phrase throughout the entire election.

But Trump should be given the chance to prove himself as fit for office and fit as president for such a diverse country. Many of the Trump followers are also keen to see how his leadership will change the USA . But many are not yet convinced but this is mostly down to political beliefs. Whether you are a Trump or Clinton supporter everyone can wear these safety pins to show they support an equal and diverse America regardless of their political beliefs.