A report by eHow clarifies that eating at McDonald’s is not good for health. If you have never tried to know how are your junk foods manufactured, it is time to take a wise step. Studies reveal that not only McDonald’s but also other fast food stores prepare unhygienic foods. Such meals do inconceivable harm to you.It has now been proved that McDonald's and other fast food restaurants are good for nothing. Their fast foods have excessive sodium, fatty acids, and sugar. According to eHow, you should not consume them regularly. It can cause health complications like obesity, and high blood pressure.


Sodium is needed for proper growth of body cells. So, it is good to use it in an appropriate amount. But the excessive intake of sodium can cause serious health complications. According to the Mayo Clinic, sodium maintains the correct blood flow, and its recommended amount is 1000mg per day for an adult.Most of the item at McDonald’s are high in sodium, researchers claim. For example, if you order a Double Cheeseburger, the amount of sodium in it is over 2500 mg. This type of meal becomes the reason of kidney diseases.


Many menu items of McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants have a high amount of fat. The excessive use of these food items can cause obesity, liver failure, and other severe health disorders.

According to eHow, the recommended amount of fat for an adult is 60g per day. At McDonald’s, no food item has lesser than 200g fats.

For example, the Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips contain 230 grams of fats. According to MedScape, in Sweden numerous people are suffering from the liver diseases. This is because an enzyme called alanine aminotransferase is produced abnormally due to the excessive intake of junk meals.

It eventually leads to liver damage.


The American Heart Association has recommended pregnant women to stay away from McDonald’s. We should limit ourselves to 20g of sugar per day. For men, the maximum amount of sugar is 35g per day. Most of the dessert items at McDonald's have high amounts of sugar. For example, the Vanilla Triple Thick Shake has about 60g of sugar, which is not good for health. According to WebMD, the diets rich in sugar increase cholesterol level in the body. These can lead to cardiovascular diseases and other disorders.