The Royal Navy has a problem on its hands. Its latest warships including the fancied aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth are prone to mechanical and electrical problems. The latest to suffer this ignominy is the destroyer Hms Diamond, which had to return from its deployment in the Gulf as one of its propellers malfunctioned. The defect could not be repaired by the crew and the destroyer which was on a stated mission to give cover to the US forces in the region had to disengage and head back home. The Daily Mail has reported that the destroyer will now join five other warships at Southampton, which are also undergoing repairs.

The warship displaces 8000 tons and has a crew of 190 and is considered a jewel in the crown of The Royal Navy. Topping this is the cost of the warship which is reportedly over one billion pounds.The malfunctioning of the propeller of the destroyer has seriously affected the strike capability of the navy.

Royal Navy

The Royal Navy has a glorious past when it ruled the seven seas. On its back, the British Empire survived for over 200 years. But the latest breed of British warships has cast a shadow on the capability of the navy, which is now just a shadow of the great navy of the past. Two other warships suffered an electrical failure and the crew was in darkness for over two days till the problem was rectified.

Such mishaps have seriously undermined the confidence in the navy.

Defects in warships

BAE, the manufacturer of the systems on the warships, has washed its hands of the malfunction and stated that the warships were not meant for deployment in the warm climate of the Gulf. The government has taken note of this and it is assured that new engines will be installed by 2019.

The fact is, that Britain without colonies has very little resources to maintain a large navy. The result is cost cutting at every stage and this is the reason that the most modern ships of the Navy do not measure up to the required standard.

Days of grandeur over

Britain has not yet realized that the days of the grandeur of its navy are over.

Now the UK is reduced to a European power, where again it is not at the top as Germany is the powerhouse. This was one of the reasons that compelled the British to leave the EU.

The advanced destroyer HMS Diamond is now returning home from the Gulf and one can say it's a blow to British prestige. BBC has reported that the destroyer, along with the Navy's five other type 45 destroyers, are awaiting a refit to rectify a problem with their propulsion systems.