The migration crisis is still one of the most serious problems which modern Europe has to face with. The experience of Western European countries, such as Germany or France, show that accepting refugees is the first step to get into trouble. Thanks to the media the information of what is happening in the West is spread all over the world. This fact may suggest that a wise man will perceive dangers connected with receiving refugees. However, it appears that in this case things are the other way round.

Controversy over refugees

Hundreds of thousands of protesters who support accepting the refugees marched through the street of Barcelona on Saturday.

They called on Spanish government to allow those coming from warzones into their country. The idea seems to be laudable and right but the Spanish People apparently learned nothing from their neighbours' experience. In spite of the assurances of law and order services that they will accept only people who are not dangerous and need help they evidently did not manage to do so.

Not only Europe have problems with Muslim terror attacks, Similar incidents occur also in Canada. Sadly not many people seem to connect the facts nowadays. What is more even politicians seem to ignore the rules of logical inference. One of those who understand the danger is the president of the United States Donald J. Trump.

He says out loud about the problems connected with Muslim immigrants. However, present public opinion imbued with the ideas of tolerance, does not like his rhetoric.

Trump's war

Many people do not understand that Donald Trump's action aim to ensure the safety of the United States and are not the result of intolerance or xenophobia.

From the American point of view president's will to introduce 'Muslim ban' should be seen as a measure to improve the level of security inside the country. But many people with leftist views are attacking Trump and like-minded people. Let's hope that common sense will prevail in this war which can change the fate of the Western world for long time.