Miriam Shaded is a Polish charity worker. In 2015 she took part in the elections to the Polish parliament. Since the beginning of the war in Syria she helped 60 Christian families to leave the country and find a new safe haven in Poland. Her Estera-Fund supports them by giving them 2.600 pln monthly.

Miriam about Islam

Miriam Shaded and her help for persecuted people Miriam said:

"Islam is a totalitarian system." She protects poor and persecuted Christians. She fights for women's rights. Here are some of the most interesting statements of Shaded: "islam it's totalitarian system”

“In Quran are 163 verses about violence” “Muhammad was a pedophile. (...) He spoke about hatred. (...).

Islam isn't compliant with the Constitution of Republic of Poland.”

“The most important objective of Islam is Jihad on the nonbelievers which means the fight and the submission through force.”

“Islam punishes apostates and nonbelievers by death, which means that Islam itself restricts the basic rights of our Constitution.(...)"

"The Qur’an is a book that calls for hatred and violence and legitimizes crime." "It's useless to negate that mass executions of Christians are taking place in Syria on a daily basis. Christians, who are ambassadors of our values are being slaughtered. I thought it was the most important and noble thing to save human lives from slaughter.” “Maybe they have a problem because my campaign only helps Christians?

I don't know. (...)" - she asked.

Miriam's successes

Miriam's successes Her Estera-Fund helped 60 Christian families from Syria (Damascus). They came to Poland. Miriam Shaded was the first to bring help to the persecuted Christians in the Middle East, because any organization in Europe failed to do so. This is her the biggest success.

When she started to parliament she got the most votes of the party she represented. Shaded became very famous in Poland and Europe. Magazines and portals in Europe (and not only: in Asia too) began to write about her. Her ambitious plans want to outlaw Islam in Poland.

"Seeking an expert lawyer that can win major issues on the territory of Poland and perhaps the EU who will help me win my process in the case of delegalizing Islam as a totalitarian system and the Qur’an as a book that calls for hatred and violence and which legitimizes crime." - she wrote on her facebook-account.

Miriam Shaded -a real women

Miriam Shaded – a woman with an important mission. Her aim is to help Christians in Syria. She wants to protect Poland and Europe from Islam. This is a woman with an important mission who never gives up fighting for human lives.