Kate Middleton has experienced bullying is not new, she herself has commented on Hello magazine and then lectured for young people suffering from bullying, like what happened to her when she was a student. Some of his former colleagues have also talked about the constant harassment to which is now Duchess of Cambridge. Nobody imagined that the same girl, marry the future King of England and someday be the future Queen of England.
According to the University of Cambridge made a real study of those school or university who suffered bullying, and launched a statistic of 78% of students suffer bullying, some silent and others speak but then are treated by psychologists to increase their self-esteem.
In the bullying unfortunately, young people believing themselves smarter and more savvy attack mercilessly who has a little personality.
The same Kate Middleton, said she lived crying for constant harassment from their peers. They said it was not worth as a person, constantly teased her, pulled his hair, spat, even up caused him to see if she reacted. But Kate Middleton was a young quiet, studious. None of his family knew about the bullying he suffered.
When she does not take it anymore, he told his sister Pippa to help him out of this hell. It was then that Pippa decided to tell their parents to intervene.
So she has lectured at St. Paul's to denounce and not keep quiet about what might be happening. Nobody wants to be hurt or make fun.
Each month, many parents know the truth of their children who are objects of ridicule and that is reportable. It is not a matter of changing the child to school, but there must be a penalty and a treatment for those who are dedicated to annoy your peers.

Not good, every day the child to go to a school site, you need to go with fear. Must be strong enough and denounce without fear of assault or those who will scoff. Parents should encourage their children and teachers and school psychologists should intervene and denounce everything that is not correct.