The countdown has begun and it appears that before they finish this 2014, the Dukes of Cambridge and her little George leave the glitz Kensington Palace to return to the tranquility and privacy of both yearn field and so happy marriage made in their first years of marriage, in that tale cottage Anglesey. Although, this time, the family will be installed in a much more spectacular property. A cottage in Norfolk, two hours drive from London, known as Anmer Hall, duck pond, Old English, Elizabeth II of England gave his grandson William and his wife Kate Middleton, the concept of first rod and future king.
After more than a year of work, marriage celebrates now has finally removed the scaffolding will be his new home, which belongs to the Windsor since 1862 and in which lived the Duke and Duchess of Kent, cousins of the queen, 1972-1990.
His last tenant, the timber businessman James Everett, announced a year and a half that change of residence for work done, but your lease did not end until 2017. And William and Kate came to them of pearls because they do not have I had to wait those two years to start a new life in an idyllic country house, where the Duchess pass the final stages of her pregnancy listening to the singing of the birds rather than the voices of tourists who come to Kensington daily and the they feel under constant surveillance.

It is a Georgian style building of red brick and three plants that the couple has been updated inside and out with an investment of 1.8 million euros, of which over 600,000 have gone to the renewal of the tile, which now looks splendid orange and because the remodeling was both internally and externally to make it perfect.

Outside, the Duke of Cambridge, have achieved the required permissions to deflect building access drive for security reasons, why have also planted new woodland to avoid the prying eyes and protect William, Kate and small while enjoying the spectacular gardens surrounding the residence. And they have built the tennis court and pool, which has also been equipped with a green area to make it more intimate and almost completely protected again.