On Wednesday December 10, Charlene Wittstock gave birth to twins; a boy and a girl,. The babies were born by caesarean section. Both Princess Charlene and the twins are in good health. The twins were born at the Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco, France. The names chosen for the children were Jacques and  Gabrielle.

.Monaco is delighted with the arrival of the children, and Jacques will occupy the throne when Albert of Monaco dies, currently holding the title of Prince of Monaco.

When it was announced that Princess Charlene had entered the hospital, everyone was alert; journalists from around the world came to the hospital doors and other journalists who were stationed in front of the palace of the Grimaldi.

That same day the babies were born, their births were celebrated with a big party in the yacht of Prince Albert of Monaco. All churches rang their bells and canons fired 42 shots; twenty one for each baby at Castle Fort Antoine for 30 minutes. The 10th December was proclaimed a holiday for the whole nation.

First of all Gabrielle Marie Thérèse was born at 5:04 p.m. and then her little brother Jacques Honoré Rainier at 17:06. Although her royal bloodlines are strong, Gabrielle will not reign in the future, as the tradition will follow that the first male takes heir to the throne, Jacques shall lead in the future to the people of Monaco. The titles of nobility that will from now on will be for Jacques; the Marquis of Baux, as a tradition as by law since 1641 as the first line of succession, while the girl is second in line to the throne and has the title of Countess of Carladès. 

Time ago, when even Princess Charlene was not in a state of good hope, there was great concern to the people of Monaco. This joined rumours that the marriage was not for love and Prince Albert had children recognized and unrecognized, and there was worry that Charlene would not have offspring. But Charlene, before marrying had to sign an agreement that she will never divorce him and would be expected in a period of five years to have offspring to continue the Grimaldi dynasty.