Sometimes people who have less are the ones who are most willing to help out. Such is the case of a homeless man known as "Robbie" who has turned the Media upside down for the last couple weeks. This homeless man helped out Preston Art Student Dominique Harrison-Bentzen with which he lacks the most: he was trying to give her money. Here´s the story.

Dominique was out late at night when she noticed that, having lost her bank card, she could not afford to pay for a ride home. When Robbie saw this, he felt pretty concerned about this young 22-year-old lady and felt was his duty to make sure she got home safely that night.

And so, he reached out to his pocket and gave her his last £3 so that she could take a taxi and get home as fast and as safe as possible, asking for absolutely nothing in return. She did not accept his offer but instead began to talk to him.

After watching how this homeless man tried to help the art student out, offer which she refused, she was very moved by his kindness and decided she wanted no know more about him. Turns out he had made a habit out of helping people by offering his scarf when it was cold and returning objects that pedestrians accidentally dropped (untouched wallets included). She then discovered that he apparently was more than willing to work hard but nobody would give him a job.

Guess why? Because he can give no address when asked for one. She then realized this man was caught up in an endless loop, unable to get a job because he has no address and unable to get a home because he cannot get a job. This situation had gone on for at least seven months but he still has kept his hopes up.

This is when Dominique decided to turn things around and help this man out.

She started a fundraiser that has gone viral in the past few weeks and so now she has collected over £50,000 with £3 donations. This money will serve to buy good Robbie, the homeless man who tried to help a young student out, his own shiny new flat. We hope her get it. well soon.