Around 2:30pm today a dustbin lorry struck a pedestrian and then went seemingly out of control in the packed George Square shopping area of Central Glasgow and has mown down and killed at least 6 pedestrians. The scene has been described by one helpless onlooker that people waiting to cross a road were hit and others were struck down like pinballs and the lorry only came to a halt as it struck a building; The Millennium Hotel.

At present no information regarding the injured or dead is available but sadly many have reported that the victims are ranging between the very young and old.

People desperately battled to save the dying, the area, which would normally be fairly quiet on a Monday afternoon, was packed with people and families doing last minute Christmas shopping or joining in the festivities such as an ice rink.

At present the Police will not divulge any information regarding the cause of the incident while the investigations are on going,but have confirmed that the driver of the Lorry is receiving treatment in hospital. It has been suggested the driver could have become ill before the collision with the first person but nothing has been confirmed or denied and as the time

It is not thought to be linked to any type of attack and people out shopping in that area are not thought to be at risk but they have been urged to let their loved ones know they are safe.

A gas supply pipe at the hotel may have been affected and people are being moved away as a precaution. A helpline has been set up to help people locate their loved ones who may have been involved.

This tragedy comes just over one year since a Helicopter crashed into the busy Clutha Vaults Public house on 29th November 2013 and claimed the lives of ten people.

The resilient people of Glasgow have been commended on their actions with helping the injured of this most recent event. The scene must have been terrible to behold but people have managed to dig deep to keep it together enough to call emergency services and help with First Aid.