On a day to day basis, the Euro as a currency plays no real part in my life as a British citizen living and working in London. In my employment, the money I am paid is in Pound Sterling and this is the currency that is accepted for everything I need to pay for, whether bills or item purchases.

Years ago while working as a cashier in a supermarket, I recall being asked whether we accepted Euros and, at the time, we did not. We did accept Scottish currency, but not Euros, and I believe this is still the case. I know of some clothes shops that display prices in both Sterling and Euro, but this is not standard practice.

The only occasion on which the Euro has been, and would be, of any concern to me is when travelling to other countries in the European Union that use the Euro. In this situation, I would check the exchange rate before I travel and even before purchasing any currency. Due to the fact that different organisations offer different rates of exchange, I would shop around to get the most for my money.

Once in the relevant European country, paying for items is no different to what I am used to once I get past the novelty of notes and coins that differs from the currency I normally use. It is just Euros and cents instead of Pounds and pence.

The Euro offers the added benefit of only needing to concern myself with a single currency and being more aware of the exchange rate when travelling to several different countries within the European Union.

As part of freelance work I undertake for clients all over the world, I can be offered payment in Euros. In this situation, I would adapt my rate to receive my normal Sterling equivalent. However, payment in Euros is rare and is more likely to be in US Dollars, even if the employer is not based in the United States.

I can't imagine the Euro being the currency of the UK, but maybe this is just because of experience and change seeming impossible. Like any other change, I think it would just take getting used to. When there was some discussion about getting rid of cheques a few years ago there was a negative reaction and I suspect there would be even greater uproar if there was any move to switch to the Euro. However, if it was going to happen, then it would happen as politicians would make the decision as referendums are few and far between.