2019 has been a huge year for singer-songwriter Riva Taylor; the highlights have included performing alongside her childhood hero Barbra Streisand, at London's British Summer Time Festival, to being selected as a featured track on Elton John's [VIDEO] Apple Music Beats 1 show. The Rocketman told listeners he 'loved it'.

Riva first hit the headlines at the tender age of 12 when she was signed to the EMI label and accrued an army of famous fans along the way. These days Riva is an advocate for female artists and is in the process of launching a new community called This Women's Heart, which will connect women within the arts.

Riva Taylor interview

Riva chats to us about her new music and what she has coming up in the new year.

LM: Tell us about your latest single?

RT: I wrote this "Running At Walls" a year ago, moving out of the Summer and into Autumn has always felt exposing for me as things change around us. Filming the music video was great fun; we used movement to explore the pushes, pulls, and the brick ‘walls’ of a romantic relationship. I have also recently released another single called "Raining Tears," which is all about despair and heartbreak and was influenced by R & B music. It is the latest track from my long-time collaboration with Jamie Hartman (Rag 'n' bone Man, Lewis Capaldi).

LM: How would you describe your sound to new fans?

RT: Power pop, all about light and shade and contrast. A blend of organic and synth sounds.

LM: How long can it take to write a song?

RT: Anywhere between a few hours and a year. There are songs, like my song "This Woman's Heart," that I kept changing, tweaking and refining for the best part of a year. The title was the last thing we landed.

But I think you know if you have written a song worth pursuing further within a few hours normally, you just get that feeling, it becomes addictive and its all you want to hear.

LM: Have you got an album in the pipeline?

RT: 2020 is going to be my year, it is when I am releasing the long-awaited album, and I can't wait. I've had to keep it a secret for a long time, but I can't wait to hear what the public thinks.

Keep in touch with my social channels, and all will be revealed shortly.

LM: What music are you a fan of?

RT: I have a really eclectic taste. I practically listen to everything. Streaming has made music so much more accessible for us all these days. One of my favourite singer-songwriters is Tracey Chapman, her lyrics are phenomenal, and I always listen to her when I am relaxing. Although I think I am an 80s girl at heart, there were some great tunes from that decade to dance too.

LM: How do you spend your time away from music?

RT: I love to keep fit, so in the gym most days or at a dance class. Seeing friends, always trying not to drink too many margaritas (my weakness) and travel. To chill out, I enjoy sketching.