Kangana Ranaut is a top actress in Bollywood and commands her own place in the pantheon of Mumbai stars. Her latest Film "Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi" has added to her lustre. The film started on a lukewarm note but picked up on the second day and as per trade reports has garnered Rs 26.85 crores (2.86 million pounds) in two days. DNA news has quoted trade analyst Taran Adarsh and reported that the film which was released on January 25, made a rather lame start with Rs 8.75 crores (0.9 million GBP) on its opening day but picked up and its earnings were boosted by Rs 18.10 crores (£1.9 million) to over 26 crores (over £2.86 million) on the second day.

Manikarnika is a hit

The general opinion of trade analysts is that the film will be a hit at the box office and could well earn over Rs 100 crores (£11 million appx). Critics have however given a low rating, but as we have seen many times, the rating of critics is not a barometer of success of the film.

In contrast, Nawazuddin Siddiqui's film "Thackeray" which also opened on the same day has not collected even one-fourth of "Manikarnika" though it has been rated highly by the critics and Nawazuddin has won accolades for portraying the role of the firebrand Shiv Sena leader Bala Sahib Thackerey.

Historical film

"Manikarnika" is a historical film set in 1857 when the legendary Rani of Jhansi took up the sword to fight against the Raj (East India Company) for her kingdom and her adopted son to be recognized as heir to the throne.

This was the period when the Governor General had passed the "doctrine of lapse" that decreed that in case an Indian ruler did not have a naturally begotten son as heir, the kingdom would lapse to company rule.

Kangana's role

"Manikarnika" also stars Ankita Lokhande, Zeeshan Ayyub and veteran actor Danny Denzongpa. Veteran Danny has nothing much to do as the entire film showcases Kangana as the queen of Jhansi.

Even the trailer of the movie clearly showed that the film would be a vehicle that would be Kangana's show. After the trailer was released, many had commented that Kangana Ranaut does full justice to the role of the warrior queen. The Times has reported that Kangana is flying high after the release of her film and looking fabulous as she basks in the success of the film.

Last word

Most of the films that cross the Rs 100 crore (11 million GBP) mark in India like Petta and Vishwasam and even Hollywood are male dominated but Kangana in "Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi" is an exception. A hit was required after the bombing of Shahrukh Khan's "Zero." She has carried the film on her shoulders.