Since Buddy, Boo’s bestie and doggie friend of 11 years died in 2017, the “world’s cutest dog” has not been the same. The famous Pomeranian was suffering from heart problems ever since the death of Buddy and has now himself passed away from a “broken heart.”

As noted by the International News, Boo has appeared on television and all over social media due to his cute looks and unusual haircut, leading to both his owners and millions of fans mourning his passing at the age of 12.

Boo – The cutest dog in the world

Weighing in at only 9 lbs, Boo became famous on his own Facebook page, where he has an amazing 16 million followers and likes.

However, it was with sadness that the Pomeranian’s owners made their latest post on Facebook and Instagram, announcing that Boo had passed away in his sleep early that morning.

The unnamed family wrote that it was with the “deepest sadness” that they had to announce that Boo had left this world, saying they are heartbroken, but at least the little Pomeranian dog was no longer in pain. They think that Boo’s heart was literally broken when Buddy died in September 2017 at 14 years of age. Boo had been suffering from heart issues for some time and the passing of his close pal really took its toll on his general health.

Videos on Boo’s Facebook page show him running and playing with Buddy, but more recent videos show him alone.

The family hopes that Boo will now have fun playing with Buddy and getting into mischief once again now he has also crossed the rainbow bridge. They are sure that Buddy was the first to greet him when he arrived.

World’s cutest dog and television

Boo has made several TV appearances where he met Seth Rogan and other television celebrities.

He was even made an ambassador for an airline in the US. He more recently stars in a book, “Boo – the life of the world’s cutest dog.” There are even soft toys of the cute little guy.

According to the owners, they received many messages over the years from fans who had enjoyed the little dog’s many stories, expressions and adventures.

They said the Pomeranian really brightened up their days, especially during the current, difficult times. The owners said that was really their purpose, for Boo to bring joy to people worldwide.

The dogs’ unnamed owners must be truly heartbroken themselves after losing the two cute little dogs. As noted by the BBC, there have also been many posts on Buddy and Boo’s own Instagram page, buddyboowaggytails, showing the doggie friends playing and posing for the camera. A couple of the images of the two Pomeranians are included below in memory of both Buddy and Boo.