Australian pop singer Amy Shark is currently on tour and when she arrived in England earlier this week, she sent out a tweet to tell fans two migrants had been found hiding in the luggage compartment of her tour bus. They were trying to cross the border into the UK by sneaking into her bus.

Shark was travelling from Belgium to the UK at the time the incident happened. She said it was “scary” that they had discovered two people hiding in the luggage carrier, adding that she didn't know how the people managed to get in there and also was unaware of who they were and what their plans were.

She went on to add that she didn’t know this kind of thing happened, adding that she was so “naive,” but that she and her team were fine.

Migrants found in the tour bus

Amy Shark spoke to ABC in Australia about the incident. She said her team had opened the luggage compartment to get merchandise ready for her next show when the two people just picked up their bags and strolled away, without saying a word. Amy stressed that the migrants did not threaten her and her team in any way and that they simply walked away after being found.

The BBC quotes one Twitter user replying to her tweet by saying, "Sorry," but asking how was this scary for her?

They were sympathetic with the migrants and wrote that people sneaking into their luggage compartment maybe spoke more about how desperate the migrants were. Shark replied, saying yes, it was scary for everyone concerned and that she does feel for them, as it is a “very dangerous way” to try and find a new life. However, she added that it was also “heartbreaking” as the bus is her home when she is on tour and she didn’t expect to discover anyone hiding in it, asking the Twitter user to please not twist her words.

Migrants continue to cross the English Channel by boat

The New York Times reports that there have been approximately 240 migrants discovered crossing the English Channel in boats since November last year. 12 men were arrested off the coast in late December on the water. At that stage, Home Secretary Sajid Javid referred to the channel crossings as being a “major incident.”

As reported by The Guardian, Shark’s real name is Amy Louise Billings.

She is best known for her hit songs “Adore” and “I Said Hi.” Shark released the album “Love Monster” in 2018 and won three Aria awards, which are reportedly similar to Brit or Grammy awards. Amy won in the categories Best Pop Record and Best Female Artist. On Tuesday, Amy played in Birmingham, and she will be appearing in Manchester and London during this week.