Rajnikanth is the numero uno of Tamil Cinema and has a commanding following even outside Tamil Nadu. Akshay Kumar is the top Hindu actor of Bollywood which is dominated by the three Muslim Khan stars. Both these stars have got together for a science fiction movie shot entirely in 3D named "2.0". Akshay was not the automatic choice as a co-star as the producer was keen to cast Arnold Shwezeneger. The Hollywood star had expressed his interest in the role but he demanded an exorbitant fee and the producers decided that they could not pay it and offered the role to Akshay.

It is reported that Akshay has a negative role in the Film. The Times of India has reported that the film is rich in 3D action but lacks solid stuff.

'2.0' makes a splash

The film has been released in over 6,000 screens all over India as well as dubbed in 15 languages. A point of interest is that Akshay has his Tamil lines dubbed as he is not fluent in that language.

The film has made a splash and as per trade reports it has already recovered over 50% of its cost of Rs 543 crores. The film has had a good beginning in the Hindi heartland of UP, MP, North India as well as Maharashtra and this is because of the magnetic appeal of Akshay. The film has also earned over one million dollars in its overseas debuts like the UAE and other countries.

The Hindustan Times has reported that the film has grossed 110 crores in its first two days at the box office.


Rajnikanth is getting on in years but he still has a great hold over audiences in South India, particularly Tamilnadu. The film has special effects and is a clash between Rajnikanth and Akshay who last year won the national award as the best actor, he plays the villain in the movie.

Amy Jackson who has made it in both Hindi and Tamil films is the female lead but sandwiched between two megastars her role is a little inconsequential.

Box office

The film does not have much of a storyline and that can be considered a drawback. Despite the initial euphoria the film will have to succeed further at the box office for it to make a decent profit or even to recover its cost of production.

One can recollect that Aamir Khans "Thugs of Hindustan" made a great splash in the first two days but collections dwindled immediately and the film has been classified a "flop."

Trade pundits are hoping that audience interest will be sustained and the film will be a hit. But the film does not have repeat value and despite being in 3D with lots of special effects there is a chance that audience interest could wane.

Last word

The film is an acid test for Rajnikanth who has been dithering for some time on joining politics. He will now have to decide whether he wants to be a full-time politician or carry on in films. He cannot ride two horses at the same time. The winner is Akshay Kumar who despite a negative role has earned the plaudits of the critics.