What happens when you mix up ditsy comic Kevin Hart with “Breaking Bad” star, Bryan Cranston in a Film called “The Upside?” It looks like a whole lot of fun in the making. Hart plays the role of a paroled former convict, desperately needing a job, while Cranston is a quadriplegic billionaire who needs some “arms and legs.”

A trailer has been released for the heartwarming comedy, which is reportedly based on a true story, showing us just how much fun it is going to be. Nicole Kidman also stars in “The Upside,” along with Aja Naomi King and Julianna Margulies.

‘The Upside’ of being a former convict and a quadriplegic

Deadline reports that the film is a remake of the 2011 French movie, “The Intouchables.” Hart’s character is Dell, a paroled criminal who has been told he must find work otherwise he will have to “tell it to the judge.”

Cranston plays Phillip, the billionaire quadriplegic, who needs someone to look after him. When he first applies for the position, he is told he is not qualified, but he managed to get the extremely well-paying job.

In the trailer included here, Dell and Phillip immediately form an unlikely friendship, despite the initial setbacks.

As noted by Digital Spy, one scene shows Dell trashing everything, much to the delight of Phillip.

In another scene, Hart’s character tells Cranston’s character that he can have any woman he wants. He points to a woman “with all the Botox,” saying she would be perfect for him, as he can’t move his body, and she is unable to move her face.

It’s not all about comedy, however, as at one point in the film, Dell tells Phillip how he is fighting to see his son. Phillip responds by asking whose fault it is, saying it is his or is the world out to get him. Watch the trailer here.

Delays for ‘The Upside’

Originally "The Upside" was set for release by the Weinstein Company in March 2018, after it appeared at the Toronto Film Festival in 2017.

However, the downside was the release was delayed after the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and resulting downfall hit the news. Due to the scandal, there was no money left to release the film, but after Lantern Capital took over the Weinstein Company’s assets, the film will now be released in cinemas on 11 January 2019.

Hopes are that “The Upside” will be as successful as its French predecessor, “The Intouchables.” The 2011 film reportedly ranks as one of the highest-grossing foreign language movies of all time.

When it hit cinemas in 2011, the film grossed more than $426 million.

That film was based on the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his caregiver, French-Algerian resident Abdel Sellou.

Filmmakers discovered the story in a French documentary film, which translates to "To life, to death" in English. For comparison, enjoy viewing the trailer for “The Intouchables” below.