Doctor Who has now become a woman in the latest series of that show. However, while Jodie Whittaker will undoubtedly be great in the role, James Bond will never be female. So says 007 producer Barbara Broccoli.

Broccoli says they will rather create more female characters for the James Bond films, and make those characters fit the movie. Sorry folks, but after so many years, there won’t be that drastic a change following “James Bond 25.”

007 will remain definitively male

Barbara Broccoli, 58, has been in the job of executive producer for the 007 Film franchise for nearly 25 years.

When interviewed by The Guardian, she said there will definitely be no gender swapping when it comes to James Bond.

Broccoli said that Bond is male, that’s it. He is a male character, who was written by the original author as male and she believes he will likely always be played by a male actor. She said that this is fine, as we don’t now have to change male characters into females. Broccoli went on to stress that more female roles should be created in the films, but to suit those female characters.

James Bond – a chauvinist pig?

During the interview with The Guardian, Broccoli was asked about how critics claim Bond could be seen as being a male chauvinist in the current times. Although she didn’t directly admit to this, Broccoli did admit that Bond would ever be viewed as being a feminist. She said the Bond story was written back in the 1950s, which means Bond has certain things in his DNA that will likely never change.

Broccoli went on to ask us to view the way the world has changed these days. Despite that, Bond has come through it all and has changed to suit the times. She says she’s tried to do her part in this and she believes, particularly with Daniel Craig as 007, the films are now more current in the way women are being viewed.

Change of directorship for ‘James Bond 25’

As previously reported here, after Danny Boyle vacated the director’s chair for the 25th Bond film in August due to creative differences, Cary Joji Fukunaga took over the job. Fukunaga is known for his work with the “True Detective” series and the more current Netflix Original series “Maniac.”

Michael Jackson wanted to play James Bond

NME reports that other recently revealed Bond news relates to none other than Michael Jackson.

Back in the 1980s, Jackson reportedly wanted to play the iconic role, but the idea was immediately shut down by directors and producers of the 007 films at that time.