“The Goddess” of the WWE might still be in shock as she felt the fury of “The Rookie” Ronda Rousey. Alexa has been the best female wrestler that the WWE has to offer due to her insane mic skills, the ability to draw tickets and her pure charisma to the WWE Universe. Unfortunately, her reign has to end and it sure did during "Summerslam."

Bliss vs Rousey

The multiple women’s champion didn’t show any intimidation towards the former UFC women’s champ. Actually, Alexa was confident that she would be able to beat Ronda in just a couple of minutes. Through her entire career, Alexa was able to develop a demeanor like no other superstar.

This is why she is considered to be an all-time great already. Alexa defeated big names in the WWE including Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and her former best friend, Nia Jaxx. However, all of those names mentioned are not Ronda Rousey.

Ronda might be a rookie in the WWE but when it comes to fighting, she is a legend. Her track record in the octagon is simply a testament to how good she is. Her first match not only wowed the WWE Universe but her co-superstars as well. If there’s one superstar who believes that Ronda’s first match was a fluke, it would be Alexa Bliss. She was vocal about it and thought that Ronda wouldn't last with her in a WWE match.

The end of an era

That wasn’t the case yesterday as WWE Universe witnessed the end of the ‘Bliss Era’.

Alexa used each and every trick up her sleeve, but it wasn’t enough and it clearly shows that Ronda Rousey was too much for her. Rousey dominated Bliss from the beginning of the match and it was ended when Ronda applied her famous armbar. “The Goddess” of the WWE was hesitant to tap out when the move was first applied, but if she didn’t, Ronda would have absolutely destroyed her arm.

With the Raw Women’s Championship now in the possession of Ronda, some WWE Universe believe that Alexa Bliss’ time in the spotlight is about to diminish. Various wrestling magazines also cited the passing of the torch happened already and with the "WWE Evolution" pay-per-view coming, it is imminent that Ronda should be the face of the women’s evolution.

Dream match

However, according to Wrestling Insider, Bliss hasn’t reached her peak yet and there are more plans ahead for her. Prior to the "Summerslam" match, it was announced that Alexa will face her idol and WWE Hall Of Famer, Trish Stratus. This is indeed once in a lifetime match and could possibly steal the show on pay-per-view. Regarding Alexa’s health condition after the match, there is no word yet from WWE if she suffered a broken arm.