Cliff Richard is aiming at a revival of his music career by releasing an album with old tracks and new songs written during his difficult time when fighting a court case against the BBC.

Among the song titles are “Reborn” and “Rise Up.” “Rise Up” is set to be played on the BBC for the first time at around 11:25 AM on 29 August, on the Radio 2 show with Ken Bruce and will also be released as a limited edition single in October.

As reported by the BBC, Richard recently won a privacy case he launched against the BBC over their report revealing the investigation into child sexual assault claims.

The news service had released video footage of the police searching his home.

A new album from Cliff Richard

The new album is Cliff’s first release of new songs for 14 years. The title track, “Rise Up,” was written 40 years ago by Terry Britten, who also co-wrote the hit song “Devil Woman” with Graham Lyle.

Among the lyrics were apt words to the effect that they were never going to break him down, or take him down and that he would rise up feeling stronger.

As reported by RTE News, the 77-year-old singer told the media that it is always great when you can sing lyrics that you can “feel,” with Richard adding that he particularly felt those lyrics.

The album was recorded in a studio in Miami and one track, “Everybody’s Someone,” features a duet with veteran singer Olivia Newton-John.

Other songs are titled “That’s What the Night is For” and “Gonna Be Alright.”

Difficult two years for Richard

Richard went on to say that the last two years were a period where he couldn’t sleep or think straight, but with the successful win of the court case, he has managed to "rise up" from what felt like a quagmire to him.

Cliff said he is hoping the new album will be a revival for his career, not only for himself personally but he could be recognized by some of the younger public as a valuable artist.

He said he isn’t “messing around” by releasing the album and that it is for real.

Richard hopes that a new audience will be open to his music after releasing the new album. He has been told that the new music would give him a listening and he is excited about that.

Richard added that if they do like it, or don’t, they can always buy something else.

Cliff asked the listening public to give him a chance and to close their eyes and tune into his music. Speaking of his age, he said his longevity is something that should be considered a plus and not a drawback.

Cliff Richard has been part of the British pop culture since releasing his first hit single, “Move It,” six decades ago. There will also be a limited edition single released on the anniversary of the start of his musical career with the 1958 B-side song “Schoolboy Crush.”