Fans of the right age group will remember the iconic London rock band, The Kinks, who rose to international fame with their third song “You Really Got Me” in 1964 and “Lola” in 1970. This was during the great era of Merseybeat and British rhythm and blues. The band was honoured by being entered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 1990. While they made more albums in the 1990s, nothing much has been heard from them since 1994. The good news is that The Kinks are getting back together again to record a new album and possibly even play some live shows.

'The Kinks’ song ‘Lola’ caused some controversy

Headed by the Davies brothers, the popular rock band hails from Muswell Hill in London. Their popularity soared during the 1960s and 1970s with the popular singles like “You Really Got Me.”

On an interesting note, another popular song about “Lola” who “looked like a woman but walked like a man” caused some controversy at the time. As reported by Feelnumb, the BBC was not happy with the lyrics and made the group change them before they would give them airtime, as the titular Lola was actually a transvestite – not a politically correct term at that conservative time.

The Kinks to reunite with new music

While their last album, “To the Bone” was recorded in 1994, there is still plenty of hope for The Kinks.

Their last performance together was in 1996. As reported by the Telegraph, the band’s frontman, Ray Davies recently confirmed the good news of the reunion, a new album, and possible live tours. Davies seems to be optimistic about the group’s reunion.

Speaking to The Telegraph, he believes it to be an appropriate time for them to get together again.

He added that he and his brother, Dave Davis and one of the band members, Mick Avory, have been working together in the studio. Davis did admit that his brother and Avory never really got along well. However, he says he made it work in the studio and it has inspired him to make the band members “play harder” and “with fire.”

Davis says he has several songs that he wrote for “The Kinks” around the time that they “parted company.” He admitted that the band won’t be as organized as “The Rolling Stones,” and went on to praise the Stones as being really great with their publicity and that they are generally a “great band.” While Davies wouldn’t officially confirm the possibility of a live tour, he did say “The Kinks” would likely play in a “local bar.”

The reunion will not be the full band

Regrettably, it won’t be the full band as their former bassist, Jim Rodford died at the age of 76.

According to a report by NME. Rodford joined the band in 1978 after the former bassist, John Dalton left. Rodford was involved in every album the band released between the years 1979 and 1993.

For those who didn’t know The Kinks, another popular song “All Day And All Of The Night” is included below.