It is almost five years since the release of "Escape Plan" which can be deemed as one of the better Sly Stallone flicks. Now after half a decade we have the sequel of the flick, "Escape Plan 2: Hades."

According to the Hindustan Times, the Film was leaked online mere days ahead of its release on June 29, 2018. HD short clips were shared on file sharing sites as well as streaming services. This is not the first time that a Stallone movie was leaked online ahead of its release. In 2014, his film "Expendable 3" was also leaked online and the makers filed lawsuits against several online platforms that hosted copies of the film.

The movie leak was shared via Reddit, and people who watched the movie had all negatives reviews about it. The Hindustan Times quoted a person as saying, “Damn the movie was bad... hands down one of the worst movies i have ever seen, bad CGI, bad editing, bad story bad voice overs and bad acting."

About the film

The film is not as lively as the original, and the low budget is partly to be blamed. The 2013 action thriller was far better with Sly Stallone breaking out of an impenetrable prison facility. This time he is not getting out, but breaking in.

Director Steven C Miller is known more for a career in straight-to-VOD titles, but his direction of "Hades" is abysmally poor. The camera work is mostly handheld, which if used correctly will have a significant effect. However, in "Hades," it is either generic or incoherent, with patches of flashes but again going back into the rut.

Even though the film is low budget which is not a handicap since there's a load of movies made on a shoestring budget but they still excelled and became superhits.

Stallone shines in his role as Ray Breslin

This time we have Ray Breslin played by Sly Stallone who is still on with the only job he knows - breaking out of impossible prisons.

However, this time his team has been kidnapped, and he must seek the help of his old friend Trent (Dave Bautista) to save his crew. Breslin teams with Dave Bautista‘s Trent DeRosa to find a way out of the jigsaw-puzzle-like ultra-secure hidden prison known as Hades.

The duo blasts and fights into the prison to rescue their team so that they see daylight before they are interned in the deep bowels of the prison. The absence of Arnold Schwarzenegger is too glaring, and the sequel looks just a shadow of its original.

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"Escape Plan 2: Hades" is directed by Steven C. Miller and produced by Robbie Brenner, Mark Canton. The script is by Miles Chapman and stars Sylvester Stallone and Dave Bautista as the main stars. The flick will be released on June 29, 2018.