The build-up to the match is being rushed, out of nowhere, Ronda Rousey gets a title shot while Alexa Bliss and the rest of the Raw Women’s division were trying to get the champ's undivided attention. Yes, Ronda Rousey probably has the greatest in-ring debut on the biggest stage of them all, "Wrestlemania". But her not being exposed in action might slow her down considering that her first match happened two months ago.

How was the match created?

We don’t have the answers right now and even wrestling insider and the famed “what culture” YouTube channel doesn’t have a clue either.

This is the biggest issue in the new era in WWE. Gone are the days when the storylines are created in such a manner that it’s almost like you are watching a soap opera. The feud in the attitude era has been by far the greatest TV segments ever created in wrestling history. WCW might be defunct right now due to Vince McMahon, but even in their hay-days, WCW/nWo angle was such a masterpiece.

It is all about the money

With a recent drop in ratings and lethargic pay-per-view sales, WWE is trying to experiment with some of their talents. It worked before and they are hoping that it will work again. Ronda Rousey even in her UFC career, draws so much attention that’s why she is considered as a polarising entity.

Her wrestling skill is still not as smooth compared to the other superstar in the women’s division. She does have an innate ability to adjust and adapt to her opponents. Nia Jax might be a tough match for her, but the champ shouldn’t be complacent as Ronda is a streaky striker.

New Champion on the horizon

It is safe to say that Rousey will be a future champion in WWE.

She has the “it” factor that most of the men and women in the locker room don’t have. It is hard to buy in with the thought that she will win the WWE Raw Women’s Championship in such a small amount of time. The women’s division is getting hit badly already with snooze fast performances from Backlash. Dave Meltzer, who has been covering professional wrestling for 35 years gave Carmella and Charlotte a 1-star rating match which is the lowest considering it’s a championship match.

WWE should pattern Ronda Rousey’s schedule and segments to Brock Lesnar. Same entity, different animal. Plus, WWE doesn’t really need to push her match really hard as she is already a ticket magnet. They should be careful as the next big thing might be remembered as the worst of all time.