The latest video game to join board game thrall is the "Steet Fighter" series. "Street Fighter: The Miniatures" game brings all of the classic "Street Fighters" characters to your tabletop. As with any kickstarter, there are plenty of different tiers of purchase and stretch goals to unlock. Ths game has been highly anticipated by video game fans and board gamers alike.

The game

"Street Fighter: The Miniatures" game includes 'collector-sized' miniatures in dynamic poses that showcase some of the special abilities from the series. Each character is controlled by an individual deck of cards.

As the match progresses, you will slowly build towards Super and Ultra Combos and finishing moves. The game itself is compatible with the Universal Tactics System and all games from that series. This means you will be able to combine "Street Fighter: The Miniatures" with future sets for impressive mashup games.

You can read a beta version of the full rulebook on the Kickstarter page.

The stages

Each stage draws inspiration from classic "Street Fighter" arenas. Rather taking the traditional 2D approach, they are all 3 dimensional and include destructible environments. This might include throwing a character into a crate, tree or missile rack. These are all 3D and play an important part in the game.

The extras

One of the first extras offered to backers is the Boss Expansion. This adds M. Bison and Akuma as powerful bosses for 1 vs 3 cooperative modes. Each boss has a unique deck of cards and allows for the game to play in a totally different way.

The next set of add-ons are character expansions for the following Street Fighter games - Alpha, III, IV, and V.

Each of these adds four unique and iconic characters from that specific game in the series. Each of these extras can be added on pledge or through picking a higher tier of pledge.

The Kickstarter

The Kickstarter is broken into several tiers as follows:

Basic Pledge ($80 US)

  • Core Set (Does Not Include Stretch Goals)

Street Fighter Pledge ($140 US)

  • Core Set
  • Boss Expansion
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals

World Warrior Pledge ($280 US)

  • Core Set
  • Boss Expansion
  • SF Alpha Character Expansion
  • SF III Character Expansion
  • SF IV Character Expansion
  • SF V Character Expansion
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals

It is estimated that the game itself will be delivered to backers in March 2019 and none of the current prices include postage fees. The project has been funded but will run until 5th May 2018 at 5:59 AM BST.