Amanda Knox is to appear on The Ray D'Arcy Show on RTE, the Irish TV channel, this coming Saturday.

The Saturday night chat show features celebrities in the style of an armchair chat show, which has in the past featured Michael Conlon, former world amateur world boxing champion and Olympic medallist. Others include popular dancing entertainer Brendan Cole and various well-known Irish personalities.

Knox has not visited the UK or Italy since the annulment of the verdict

Knox has travelled extensively in France and Germany on holiday and to visit her maternal grandmother, who is German.

She caused controversy last year when she and her live-in partner, author Christopher Robinson, adorned costumes to role play 'Little Red Riding Hood' in the Black Forest and posted the astonishing pictures on Instagram.

Knox has appeared on US TV with Irish ex-murder defendant and ex-death row wife

Knox appeared on US TV with controversial ex-death row defendants, Peter Pringle, who was once jailed in Ireland for the alleged murder of two Irish police officers, after a bungled robbery by a political gang, and Sunny Jacobs, once on death row in the USA for supplying a gun to a man who then shot dead a two young policemen.

Pringle is Dublin born and spent 17 years in prison, the death penalty having been stayed by an Act of Irish parliament since 1954, for the murder of two young policemen after a botched robbery in Roscommon.

He has always claimed innocence of the crime.

They were both acquitted - in Sunny's case, without any certificate of exoneration - and now, like Knox tour the country and fundraise for 'Innocence Projects' claiming 'wrongful conviction'.

Knox shared a sofa with the pair expressing solidarity

Amanda Knox appeared with Sunny Jacobs and William Pringle on K5News channel in May 2017.

Knox said that she and Sunny were "women together" fighting injustice.

However, there is still much controversy in Eire as to Pringle's innocence and emotions run high as five young children lost their fathers in the murder of the police officers in 1980. In addition, some say Jacobs was freed from death row for compassionate reasons, not because she was innocent, as she now claims.

Knox's appearance on Irish TV controversial

Because of Knox's connection with William Pringle, who lived in the USA for many years after his release, and has in 2016 settled in Connemara in Ireland, the interview is bound to cause a lot of media interest.

Many in the UK and the mainland of Ireland are not convinced by Knox's claim to have been 'exonerated'.

It could well be that Knox will be staying with William Pringle and Sunny Jacobs.

Sunny Jacobs is now 69. Her husband, Jesse Tafero was executed at age 43. Sunny Jacobs is alleged to have supplied the gun by which he shot dead two police officers from their car, in Florida. Both were condemned to the electric chair. Tafero's death was prolonged and witnesses reported seeing smoke rising from his head.

As the robbery which led to the killing of the police officers in Roscommon was allegedly connected to the INLA, an Irish 'liberation' terrorist group of the day, there has been hostility towards Pringle resettling in Ireland.

Was Amanda Knox 'wrongfully imprisoned'?

The final judgment in the case of Amanda Knox gives the verdict as 'not guilty due to insufficient evidence' and does not mention the word 'innocent or 'exonerated'. In addition, Knox's conviction for Calunnia criminal slander, equivalent to 'Obstruction of Justice', stands and remains on her record, for which she was sentenced to three years in prison. She and her co-defendant, Raffaele Sollecito, also acquitted in 2015 for the same reason, both spent a year on remand.

What will Amanda Knox talk about?

Chances are, she will avoid talking about the crime itself and concentrate on her theme of media coverage of the case, misogyny of the press and #metoo, the prosecutors and the impact on her life.