Tassell, 43 has already shot to fame in India due to his appearance in El Sueño, the latest record-breaking track from the hottest entertainer in India Diljit Dosanjh. El Sueño hit a massive 20 million views in just 10 days and is still climbing, it is thought the views will top at around the 100 million mark next year.

His energy and positivity on set

Darren was asked to star in the music video after impressing Diljit Dosanjh whilst working together on the Bollywood blockbuster WWI feature film Sajjan Singh Rangroot which will hit worldwide cinemas in March 2018.

Diljit recently commented: “When I saw Darren record his first scene on Rangroot, I thought WOW, this guy must have come straight from Hollywood!. His energy and positivity on set are amazing and it seems we are giving birth to a real star…It’s an exciting time for him”.

Darren plays battle-hardened Sergeant Marcus Campbell who leads the British and Indian troops into battle against Germany during World War 1. Though the movie is being shot in the UK and India, it is set in northern France and focuses on a famous battle for the trenches. Directed by Pankaj Batra, starring Diljit Dosanjh and Bollywood legend Yograj Singh, the movie is expected to be the biggest Bollywood hit of 2018.

Star in China

Darren is also tipped to be a star in China in 2018 with his movie Cannon rocking in London, an outrageous gangster comedy in which he plays a gangster who takes a liking to the man he kidnaps. The Chinese production is set to hit the online market early 2018. “I love comedy and absolutely loved every second making this movie.

I try to get as many diverse roles as I can to show my versatility as an actor and this was bang on point. I play a gangster who is big and mean one second, then very camp the next. It’s going to be hilarious and I’m really excited to see this one”. Darren started acting at a local theatre group at the age of 13 and has dreamed of acting professionally ever since.

His life took a different direction until last year when he quit his job and decided to pursue his acting dreams full time.

Quitting his job and becoming successful actor

“It’s been a crazy year! Since quitting my job, I’ve won the lead role in the 2016 Actimel Christmas commercial where I play a Drill Sergeant training Santa, I also bagged lead roles in the Chinese and Bollywood feature films… It's so far going better than I predicted. People seem to be really enjoying my work and are tipping me for big things in 2018. Like I say, It’s crazy. I’m just a normal family man from South London who has a talent for being an idiot and pretending to be someone else”. Darren Tassell certainly is a name to watch out for in 2018! You can follow his journey at http://www.darrentassell.uk #actor