Longtime TV host and journalist Charlie Rose was suspended from his job as co-anchor on CBS following accusations of groping and exposing himself. The 75-year-old Veteran broadcaster has since apologised for his actions and said he was deeply embarrassed. Rose's interview shows on US TV networks and PBS have all been pulled.

The accusations

The women accusing Charlie Rose of Sexual Misconduct have all worked or intended to work for him. Three of the women told their stories to the Washington Post. Kyle Godfrey-Ryan was a former assistant to Rose.

She was 21 when she began working on his show and revealed how he called her repeatedly to talk about fantasies he had about her swimming naked in his pool. She claims she was fired after Rose found out that she had discussed his actions with a mutual friend.

Another woman, Reah Bravo who was an assistant producer for his PBS show said she was a victim of his sexual predatory behaviour. She alleged that he groped her and exposed himself to her. A third woman, a coordinator on his PBS show, Megan Creydt said that he put his hand on her thigh when he was driving and she was in the passenger seat.

A veteran journalist

Charlie Rose is a veteran journalist well known for his cutting-edge interviews of personalities from entertainers to scientists and politicians.

As the host of Charlie Rose, an interview series since 1991, his shows are viewed in most of the US on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)

Early in his career, he worked for BBC (New York) on freelance projects. He got his big break in 1974 as managing editor for the PBS show Bill Moyers. He won a Peabody award and worked with several news networks in various capacities.

Since 2012, he has been a co-anchor on the critically acclaimed CBS This Morning along with Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell.

A statement from Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose. in a response to the sexual misconduct allegations. said that he has always advocated for the careers of the women he worked with. However, he offered his deepest apologies to his accusers for his inappropriate behaviour.

He acknowledged that he acted insensitively at times and accepted responsibility for his actions even though he did not feel all the accusations were accurate.

It was no secret

It appears that others knew of Charlie Rose's sexual misconduct but took no action. The executive producer of his PBS show Yvette Vega admitted failing to act on the complaints she received from women which she said she deeply regretted. Former employees said that young women hired by the show were referred to as Charlie's Angels. This latest allegation of sexual misconduct follows a recent flood of similar complaints against men in positions of power in the media, politics and entertainment.