What a whirlwind year it has been for Harry Lee as he begins his musical journey on his own.

After spending years in bands since school the young singer-songwriter took the plunge to go it alone in the studio while working on a number of projects.

A new band

While working behind the scenes with a new band Harry Lee is taking it slow and not rushing his own personal music. Working alongside producer Harry Clarke who has previously worked on projects with Franklin Lake, Harry Lee has been writing and composing his new material in the studio.

The big move

The singer-songwriter is originally from Portsmouth and made the move to Bristol to be with fellow band mates and worked on music there, as time went by he realised he was moving at a different pace and needed to make the break to explore who he was as an artist.

It was not just a break from the band that Harry made it was also in relationships as he decided he needed to focus on his sound and write music that meant something to him.

Social media

His Twitter is very active with song lyrics from his own compositions to other well-known songs, he captures these words with images of himself in and around Bristol, with powerful photos of the city which has become a musical hub for many musicians.

He has taken to Facebook to post snippets of what is to come from his new EP and judging from what we have heard the music is light and airy with a dark grungy undertone. A couple of the songs relate to meeting someone and not knowing where the relationship is heading.

Harry Lee has a reputation of a bit of a bad boy after being caught snogging TV babe Ibiza Weekender Imogen Townley at a celebrity event and also one of the Britain next top models at Strawberries and Creem festival this summer.

With an eye for the ladies and his heart in the music the questions are:

With an eye for the ladies and his heart in the music the questions are:

  • Will he join another band?
  • Will he remain on his own musical journey
  • or will he keep both going and create music

The British Music Industry has been missing this type of artist lately, the days of the music bad boys, front pages filled with bands in battles, wild concerts and parties.

Has the industry cleaned up or has "Video killed the radio star" ?

What is clear is that the British Music scene needs more talent to come through the ranks and gain coverage especially as the US still dominate the Official Single Charts.

Let us see what 2018 has in store for an artist like Harry Lee Dobson in a band or without a band his story has been an interesting journey so far and this is just a new chapter.