Ariana Grande's tweet offering her condolences to the victims of the Manchester attack has sparked a Twitter row.

Miss Grande was performing at the Manchester Arena before a bomb detonated near the Cathedral Gardens at 1.30am, taking the lives of 22 people, including children, and injuring 59 others.

She tweeted at 3.51am yesterday morning: 'Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry. I don't have words.'

All her upcoming concerts have been cancelled in response.

Many fans were quick to offer their support.

Wesley Krid tweeted: 'Not your fault, stay strong Ariana.'

But others were not so sympathetic.

The Great USA tweeted: 'It is her fault.'

One embarrassing meme of the American popstar went viral across social media sites, which quoted her saying: 'I hate Americans. I hate America.'

One Twitter user added: 'Ariana Grande- pro refugee, pro Muslim, anti-Trump, anti-American, women's march organizer and raging liberal is suddenly wishing she was back in the safety of the America she hates so much! #ArianaGrande #LoveItOrLeave.'

This meme was produced in reference to an incident in July 2015 where Miss Grande was caught on camera licking donuts and condemning her home country.

A picture of that incident was also heavily distributed across Twitter moments after her tweet.

In response, Twitter account 'Day of the Eagle' tweeted: 'Will this ungrateful t*** denounce the Manchester attack?'

She was also attacked for failing to blame terrorist organisation Islamic State for the bombing.

Twitter user 'Dog Boxer Nation' said: 'How about calling out ISIS for being cowards for murdering unarmed children?'

Another tweeter, 'Teemyst', mocked the American popstar by tweeting: 'You don't have words? Then sing a song... you can sing how much you hate America... please don't come back here anymore...'

However, many of the tweets got worse during the day.

Twitter user 'Tanner' replied to her tweet with: 'She did leave 30 seconds before it. How do we know you weren't in on it?'

Other social media users were quick to rush to the celebrity's defence.

Tweeter Danielle replied to 'Tanner' by saying: 'Just shut up you.'

Model Laurie Harding was quick to offer the former Victorious star his sympathy.

He tweeted to her: 'Nobody could predict this level of atrocity and that's generally what they count on, you have nothing to apologise for.'

Social media account 'Kyle' replied: 'Actually, radical Islamic terror is highly predictable. Let these savage beasts intent on doing evil in your country, and this is what you get.'

But the model responded with: 'I'm trying to offer my words to relieve someone obviously heavy-hearted and you're being an utter moron... Savage? Perhaps look in a mirror?'

He then went on to accuse 'Kyle' of attacking his tweet to the Miss Grande.

'Kyle' said: 'I didn't attack your tweet, merely corrected it. Radical Islamic terror is a fact of life; time to recognise that and destroy it', to which Mr.

Harding replied: 'All terrorism is vile, terror is terror.'

British comedian Jason Manford also provided his best wishes to the celebrity on Twitter by saying: 'You gave those kids the night of their lives, their hearts were full of joy and happiness and that was because of you. Remember that.'

Social media account DISABLED VETERANS replied: 'You are sick pup. You say that as if they all laughed and had ice cream cones safely on their way home to their families.'

The comedian tweeted: 'Don't be so f***ing stupid.'

Twitter account Lia said to Mr. Manford: 'Yeah the night of their lives, they saw a bomb explode and everything.'

Overwhelmed by the negative responses, the comedian tweeted: 'Wow. Some people are so stupid.'

Ariana Grande started her music and acting career by landing the role of Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon comedy Victorious in 2009.

She then starred in a show based on her Victorious character called Sam and Cat.

Her most famous singles included 'Problem' and 'Bang Bang', which she performed alongside Jessie J and Nicki Minaj.