Since the parliament have broken up for their school holiday, the news has been somewhat slow, in fact, journalists have often been given stories that they really don’t want to read out. Furthermore, to add insult to boredom, national newspapers have then gone on to report about the report of another story. A beautiful inception-like scenario that is naturally going to progress with this report on a report of another report.

The London Evening Standard plus other major media outlets reported that Bbc News presenter, Simon Mccoy (the real McCoy), failed to hide his disdain towards a story about a dog surfing competition.

No news is good news?

Beginning the report in a flat tone “Now, you’re watching BBC news, just bear in mind its August”. This doesn’t give the viewer much hope that anything of interest is to follow next and during the clips of dogs surfing, he lets out a huge sigh before continuing with the story. The bad punchline is delivered with equal disparagement and quips, “that’s a shame we’ve run out of pictures” before moving on to the next ‘story’. Watch the clip below.

Perhaps after the last few years where big events and breaking news was almost daily, it is nice to see that the political situation has calmed down a bit. This allows everyone to breath and wait for the kids to get back off their holidays.